i exalt thee - playlists

An Idea Just Wouldn't Leave ME...


As we were putting the songs together for ‘I exalt thee’ an idea just wouldn’t leave me.

I thought ‘if in the future, big churches will somehow become hundreds of small groups why not put all these wonderful songs into playlists so people can sit in their homes and have about 15 minutes of worship together’.

So I made up the lists in a way that I hoped would be helpful for small groups and Warwick added the words as they were being sung and here it is.

The biggest problem I found was that the file sizes made it impossible to send them without having to use dropbox or we transfer so Philip made a way to send them to you as a stream.

I so want you to be able to use them that we are offering them for a donation only. Whatever you and your group want to give.

This was done a year before the world had ever heard of Covid 19

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