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They say you retire when you’re our age.

We never got the memo!



They say you retire when you’re our age. We never got the memo!

So here we go again.

For some time now we have had the deepest concern for our younger generations, who grow up on devices of all kinds and are seeing and hearing things much of which are at least alarming and corruptive to their innocence.

Back at the beginning we did albums for children teaching them Scripture with the hope of forming character into their young lives.


We are writing new (of course in a whole new genre) songs they can sing and dance to while learning truth and declaring it in both words and music that’s relevant for this generation.


 We sincerely ask for your prayers as we move on these new projects that will hopefully reach children from pre-school to young adults in a way that challenges and changes their thinking of what is real and vital to their success and authenticity as they become adults in a new and challenging world.


We would love to have your input on these projects if you wish in any way to participate with us, and above all your prayers for our wisdom and understanding of how to do this would be so much appreciated.

 I guess you could say we are old but young at heart so that’s got to count for something

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