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Book and album release at the 50th Celebration


Celebrating 50 Years
of Scripture in Song with
David and Dale Garratt


The story of Scripture in Song is a NZ story, uniquely NZ. Tiny country produced a little idea that took the world by storm


It’s a story that changed the way people do church right around the globe. It started a revolution in Praise and worship.

David and Dale Garratt and friends wrote easy to sing tunes and words right out of the Bible..scripture in song was born. What if the songs were catchy easy to sing. Guitars and drums were brought into the church. A new time and season began.


God was ready for a change and so was the church.


Now after 30 some albums and song books the Garratt’s are handing on their legacy to a new generation through a series of workshops/tutorials and panel discussions to equip your church, your worship team and your song writers.


On the 29th and 30th of March Christians from around the world gathered at Life Central in Auckland to celebrate 50 years of Scripture in Song.

"David and Dale have made a remarkable contribution to the body of Christ through their music."

— Brian Houston, Hillsong.

 “David and Dale are a blessing. I still sing their songs.” 

— Joseph Prince, New Creation Church.

 “What Scripture in Song did in simple response to the Spirit of God has rippled into the lives of countless people.” 

— Paul Young, The Shack.

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Complimentary track

"I Exalt Thee" is the title track of an album being released during the 50th Celebration season.


Find a place where you can be alone to sit and rest. Grab some headphones and listen through this track. Be drawn into God’s presence and worship your Creator and Saviour. When you have done so ask Him to speak to you as he spoke to Samuel. 

Please take the opportunity on your own to listen and to share with others.

"I Exalt Thee" Album lyrics

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