Event Bios Scripture in Song

We are very excited to have this opportunity to worship,
learn, listen and watch with you.

We have hand picked some of the best and truest worship leaders we know and teachers who understand the season we are in as a nation plus a troupe from Island Breeze Hawaii to help to take us into God’s presence.


Look forward to seeing you there,


Love,  David and Dale

Bob Fitts

Worship Leader

Bob Fitts is currently at the forefront of worship leading internationally. His biggest known song is “Blessed be the Lord God Almighty’ Bob is a true worshiper and will lead us into the presence of God in seconds.

Winkie Pratney

International speaker and author

Winkie Pratney is a published author and well-versed speaker. His is a trusted and respected voice of authority with 48+ years of global travel and teaching. He carries a burning zeal and passion to see revival again.

Cindy Ruakere

Worship Leader

We are privileged to have Cindy as our own here in Aotearoa. She is currently one of the most talented worship leaders in our land. Her singing on our new release ‘I exalt thee’ is truely anointed.

Aaron Hardy

Worship Leader

Aaron is becoming hugely sort after as a worship leader and recording artist. He is very connected to the story of this land and will share his heart on that. We all need his knowledge and passion and we want you to hear his story.

John Dawson

International teacher and author

John Dawson is an international teacher and author, born in this land and who has a heart for reconciliation between people groups. He has an unusual understanding of the place of Māori in Aotearoa.

Luke Kaa-Morgan

Worship Leader

Luke Kaa-Morgan is a worship leader, songwriter and key leader in the bicultural journey in Aotearoa New Zealand. Growing up heavily influenced by Scripture In Song and the leadership of David and Dale Garratt has significantly shaped his capacity and deep desire to point the people to God.

Karen Lafferty

Worship Leader

Karen Lafferty has an amazing journey of International worship leading, in many different cultures. You may know her from the song “Seek ye first”. She is continually travelling, leading worship and teaching. you will fall in love with her honest heart of worship.

Fletch Wiley


Fletch Wiley is well known from his many years with Andrae Crouch and the Disciples. You will hear for yourself his depth of musical ability and how it will draw you to worship.

Jay Ruka

Worship Leader

Jay Ruka is a worship leader musician and author of his new release “Huia come home”. An authority on the Treaty of Waitangi. Jay will join the worship band and share cultural knowledge all kiwi’s need to know.

Steve and Ainsley Apirana

Worship Leaders

Steve Apirana is a highly skilled musician who will captivate you with his honesty and sense of humour. He and his wife Ainsley’s mission is to inspire and uplift the thousands they minister to.

Brad Haami

Māori Historian

Brad Haami is a Māori historian with exceptional understanding of New Zealand history. His knowledge will help you recognise the importance of the way God intends Māori and Pakeha to live together in Oneness.

Alistair Reese

Farmer, Historian & Public Theologian

Alistair is involved in local and national efforts to promote reconciliation between Maori and Pakeha, and exploring understandings of what an indigenous form of Christianity might look like.

Te Waka McLeod


Kei a Ruapehu te mana, kei a Taranaki te tapu āku mounga whakahii, āku puna waiora.


Te Waka was born and raised in Waitara and is an advocate for change and whānau. Te Waka has recently moved in to a full time role with Oati. Oati is committed to seeing Te Rongopai (the good news of Jesus) experienced and faithfully expressed throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The work aims to foster deep relationships and community connectedness by engaging Aotearoa New Zealand in the stories of our past and present, to help guide our future. 

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