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"David and Dale have made a remarkable contribution to the body of Christ through their music."

— Brian Houston, Hillsong.

 “David and Dale are a blessing. I still sing their songs.” 

— Joseph Prince, New Creation Church.

 “What Scripture in Song did in simple response to the Spirit of God has rippled into the lives of countless people.” 

— Paul Young, The Shack.

Celebrating 50 Years of
Scripture in Song with
David and Dale Garratt


The story of Scripture in Song is a NZ story, uniquely NZ. Tiny country produced a little idea that took the world by storm


It’s a story that changed the way people do church right around the globe. It started a revolution in Praise and worship.

David and Dale Garratt and friends wrote easy to sing tunes and words right out of the Bible..scripture in song was born. What if the songs were catchy easy to sing. Guitars and drums were brought into the church. A new time and season began.


God was ready for a change and so was the church.


Now after 30 some albums and song books the Garratt’s are handing on their legacy to a new generation through a series of workshops/tutorials and panel discussions to equip your church, your worship team and your song writers.

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"Please Help Your Self"

- Dale Mary Garratt

I’m very humbled at the reports coming in about my new book, "Please Help Your Self". On the inside cover I have a quote by Mother Teresa: This is what she says: “we think sometimes that poverty is only being naked, hungry and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for is the greatest poverty  We must start in our homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

Hospitality has always been something for me that is more of a mandate than an option. To quote 1 Peter 4 “most important of all continue to show deep love for each other for love is a covering for our shortcomings. Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay”.


In my book I share my story of how this was modelled for me and I’m so gratified to have received such warm responses. here are a couple of quotes from people. 

"I’ve just read the entire book in one sitting, I learnt so much, not just about David and Dale but about LIFE."

"I absolutely devoured it, it’s a triumph. I adored the depth of history and the cantor and vulnerability of it. What a work of art.”

“ it’s not just writing a book that Dale’s done it’s telling a story so beautifully told, I felt like she was just talking to me which is the art of a great writer. Every word leapt at me as though from her own mouth. I could hear her laughter, her cheekiness, her pain, her suffering, her joy-the whole roller coast of emotions that went into this book.”

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"I have the album on day and night and I feel a tangible presence of God."
"I've been in a battle and finding that worshipping God, singing these songs is breaking intimidation so I can hear from Him and get perspective.  Thank you so much x."

"I Exalt Thee"

Scripture in Song

We made the album “I Exalt Thee” to commemorate the 50th celebration event which itself was very God honouring time.


The 50th celebration proved to us once again what a longing there is in people’s hearts to worship God. For us it was very gratifying to see so many people worship so exuberantly. The purpose of the album and the event was to lead people in to the presence of God to enable them to establish a personal relationship with God.


Here are some quotes from people who have already purchased the album.

I’m just sitting here playing the album weeping in the presence of God”

This is the best album you have ever made."

"I’m ordering six more to send to friends."

"This is a very healing experience listening to the album."

"I have a friend staying with us at the minute. She is in her mid 40’s so was brought up on Scripture in Song. She heard your new album a week or two back and she said she just wept and wept!  Her heart was SINGING!!! REJOICING!!"


“This," she said, "is worship.  How I love these songs and these scriptures.  My heart was so full and overflowing with love for God. These songs have really got it. They really say something.  They are true worship and love for God. I just want to sing them over and over."


"I truly believe there is a 'generational blessing' in all of this and that as these songs are sung, remembered, passed on with heart, passion and worship that true worship will be released.

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